Sunday, January 4, 2015

How to become a great photographer?

People buy a camera and start thinking about money and I have no issues with it. But the very idea of earning money from the beginning might put a lot of pressure on your creative side and you might miss all the fun of the photography. When you are learning photography you should not worry about earning money. You need to realize the happiness you gain from creating a photo-art. Explore your creative side. Go to a location which you like, imagine a scene and don’t take any shot until you are convinced that this is what you wanted.

Make sure you learn to operate the camera before you start to shoot. Learn various techniques of creating different kind of images like low light, sunny, evening, blurred water, light streaks, night photography, action photography etc…
Once you have mastered your techniques at home or in a local area, you are all ready to go for a professional style shoot. Professional style shoot means, you have planned the trip and spent money on it. You have arranged for a photo group. So once you are on location with your group, don’t just start shooting because everyone else is doing so :). Hell no… because that will kill you once you take all those images to your computer.

Don’t just get bogged down by the beauty of the scenery. You need to explore the creative side of that scene. You need to imagine that what all lights you want to put in your image out of that beautiful scenery. Remember you dont capture a scene, rather you capture the light on that scene. And you may end up capturing a wrong light if you have not thought about it.

Wait for the right moment. Don’t press the shutter button, but yeah keep your settings right so that you have a 100% quality. You must click the shutter only when you are convinced that your scene has the right light.
It is ok if you have missed certain moments at times, that is completely ok if it makes you are better artist. Just don’t click the shutter until you know what you are going to right on your camera sensor.

Keep doing this every time and you will realize that you have become a hell of a photographer and you have only artistic images to process rather than full of junk stuff.
Until next time.. keep thinking and keep writing the right light on your camera sensor.